We help you boost the bottom line
by helping you capture:

The economic value of effective communications

Sustainable competitive advantages

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Writing with Impact
and Efficiency

Our highly interactive, hands-on training sessions ensure you never waste another moment on writing that fails to deliver the results you want. Research shows you have 4.5 seconds to capture your readers’ attention, and we make sure you do—so your communications deliver the economic and competitive returns you need.

  • Essentials of Investment Writing
  • Essentials of Financial Writing
  • Writing Winning RFPs
  • Writing Effective Audit Reports
  • Writing Winning Proposals

Marketing and Communications Services

We ensure your communications differentiate you in the market place—and we’ll share objective benchmarks you can use to measure and improve the quality of every document. You will never again lose business for the “invisible” reason that your documents just aren’t written well enough.

  • RFP and DDQ Database re-writes
  • Factsheet benchmarking and optimization
  • Quarterly commentary
  • Product launch positioning and collateral

Why ?

  • Highly customized approach

    We align our services with your needs and goals, and respect your culture.

  • Immediate and long term gains

    You’ll benefit immediately from the value we provide—and we deliver the support you need to ensure that value grows and lasts.

  • Intellectual and academic expertise

    We understand the science of persuasion and how you can translate that understanding into measurable gains.

  • Our Track Record

    100% of our clients would recommend our services. We deliver outcomes that exceed expectations and have the results to prove this claim.

About Us

Jane Curry and Diana Young

Jane and Diana help clients realize the economic value of effective communication—and have delivered measurable ROIs for clients across diverse industries for more than 20 years. In more detail, Jane and Diana help clients apply objective benchmarks designed to measure and improve the quality of every communication—and work to increase client productivity by identifying and resolving process inefficiencies in the production of critical documents.

Jane and Diana co-authored Be a Brilliant Business Writer: Write Well, Write Fast and Whip the Competition (TenSpeed Press, 2010). Jane has a Ph.D. in English Education from The University of Chicago and Diana has a Ph.D. in English from Stanford University.

Eliza Johnson

Before joining Curry Young Consultants as a senior strategy analyst and head of business development, Eliza Johnson spent 5 years working with asset managers to improve their product messaging and client communications. She also served as a senior strategy analyst at Capital Position Ventures for two years, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in messaging and growth strategy for financial services companies.

Eliza has a BA from Georgetown University, where she majored in psychology with a focus on economics and finance. At Georgetown, she was one of nine students in her class to be accepted into the Baker Scholars program for demonstrating academic excellence and strong interest in business.

Contact Us

Jane Curry 847.518.0321

Diana Young 773.548.5550

Eliza Johnson 202.552.9197